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The Great War Channel Podcast

Indy & Flo interview World War 1 historians

TGW006 - John Ridge about Medievalism and World War 1

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John's Paper about Medievalism:

We talk to John Ridge about the connections of Medievalism and the First World War. How the perception of medieval times helped frame the conflict and was used in propaganda.


James Pratt
by James Pratt on 07. February 2018
Paths of Glory If any one asks did Generals call artillery fire on their own troops to get them to advance as in the novel and movie Paths of glory. The Russians did: The Eastern Front Norman Stone P 168-9 Russian soldiers who tried to surrender had their own artillery fire on them Page 233 Russian soldirs were driven into attack by their own artillery On line "Austria-Hungary's last war 1914-1918" 5 Page 412 has it happening The book "A german airman remembers hans Schroder mentions seeing this happen I hope this of some interest please reply james pratt

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