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TGW004 - Jonathan Steinberg about Bismarck and his influence on pre-WW1 Germany

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Jonathan Steinberg did something that no one had done before for his Bismarck biography, he went through diaries and letters of a variety of people who were close to him.


Otto von Beeswax
by Otto von Beeswax on 02. June 2018
Great interview, wish it could have been longer. Although I agree that Bismarck may not have been able to prevent WWI due to health or if he even will be in power at the time, he could have made new provisions in the reinsurance treaty with Russia -- had he stayed on as foreign minister. In a letter to the kaiser (William II) he asked that he be allowed to stay and serve in the foreign office as he gave up his chancellorship. This was denied, William II having grand ambitions of determining foreign policies himself. The reinsurance treaty with Russia lapsed, and France acted quickly.

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