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Indy & Flo interview World War 1 historians

TGW014 - Felix Graf von Luckner & SMS Seeadler - The Kaiser's Pirate

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Felix Graf von Luckner was probable the most popular merchant raider captain of World War 1. His exploits sold millions of copies after the war and became even more legendary since his ship SMS Seeadler was actually a sailing ship.


some dude
by some dude on
i can picture the whole podcast
by Lewis on
Just to put his escape from Motuihe into perspective, that island is just a couple of kilometres off the coast of Auckland, New Zealand!
by Mich on
Just to say good job.
William Crookshank
by William Crookshank on
Instead of making so many silly comic strip superhero movies, they should make a file about this great real life super hero.
William Crookshank
by William Crookshank on
Instead of making so many silly comic strip superhero movies, they should make a file about this great real life super hero.
by macsimski on
hmm. i'm not shure if the extra sounds should be used in a podcast. as you are void of moving images and the face of Indy to distract you, the sounds become way more pronounced. also the leader format works perfect for a video, less for a podcast. just my 2c
Dyadya Abdul
by Dyadya Abdul on
In the late 70's I bought a 1920's book about Count Luckner and the Seealder at a used book store. Man that was fascinating reading. The Seealder was a three-masted, square-rigged sailing ship -- a type that was in decline in the early years of the 20th century, and that alone made it a more interesting story. Luckner always felt some sadness when he had to sink another sailing ship, as they were in decline. He did, however, sink a schooner carrying a ...load of turtles.
William Lang
by William Lang on
I can't believe I never heard of this guy. Felix is a badass and a real hero of Germany. Thanks for the video... I mean podcast :)
The German Guy
by The German Guy on
Mind blown! This should be a movie!!!!
Nick Bradbury
by Nick Bradbury on
I also think this would make a great film, there are many stories that I know of that would make for a really good movie. However the times as they are, well its ain`t gonna happen. Sadly.
Jeremy Nettles
by Jeremy Nettles on
But where—WHERE must I click for the war in the Pacific?? I'm so lost, Indy. I need to see your face to know that everything's ok!
by Mark on
@Dennis: Are you ready to write the script? Or help to write it? ;-)
Dave Hill
by Dave Hill on
Very Interesting podcast, Please do more!, A Great Idea.
by Räder on
I have the blockade runner trait in hoi4.
Bjørn Are
by Bjørn Are on
Why isn't this a movie??? Great story, I liked the Norwegian twist :D
Taha Al Zadjali
by Taha Al Zadjali on
Still fun to listen
Henrique Bellinati
by Henrique Bellinati on
An interesting ideia to enjoy some episodes on the go. and what a tale. i'm truly amazed, and envious of this guy.
Dennis Dempsey
by Dennis Dempsey on
This story would make a great movie !
by Kody on
Great idea about a very interesting episode. Keep it up!

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