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The Great War Channel Podcast

Indy & Flo interview World War 1 historians

20. June 2018 TGW017 - Aylin Öney Tan About Soldiers' Food At Gallipoli

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  • TGW014 - Felix Graf von Luckner & SMS Seeadler - The Kaiser's Pirate

    Felix Graf von Luckner was probable the most popular merchant raider captain of World War 1. His exploits sold millions of copies after the war and became even more legendary since his ship SMS ...

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  • TGW013 - Matt Keagle About American Ambulance Volunteers

    Fort Ticonderoga Museum:
    The Book About The Helmets: MP3 | AAC | OGG | OPUS

  • TGW012 - David Willey About British Tank Warfare In WW1

    The Amiens100 event:

    Flo talks to David Willey about British Tan...

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  • TGW011 - Nicolai Eberholst About The Austro-Hungarian Army in WW1

    Nicolai's Twitter Project:

    Additional Reading about the Austro-Hungarian Empire in WW1:
    English Lit...

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  • TGW010 - David Borys About The Canadian Experience In World War 1

    Check Out Cool Canadian History:

    Flo talks to Canadian military historian David Borys about the Canadian Exp...

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  • TGW009 - Edward Lengel About The American Expeditionary Force in 1918

    Selection of Edward Lengel's Works:

    Flo is talking to Edward Lengel, an American Military Historian wh...

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  • TGW008 - Tanveer Kalo About Indian American Soldiers In WW1

    Get in touch with tkalo14[at]stlawu[dot]edu

    His articles about his findings: http://www.worldwar1centennia...

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